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Where will you go? To Weimar, Jena, the big city, which has a lot of good on both ends. (J.W. v. Goethe)

Social Work in an European Perspective9th International University Week
April 23rd –27th 2007
University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Work, Jena (Germany)


The School of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences Jena, will be host of the 9th International University Week from April 23rd – 27th, 2007 in Jena (Germany).
We friendly invite international students from all European countries as well as university teachers to participate within our international program. We especially call for participation of Universities within our Socrates network, however, would like to encourage individuals, students as well as lectures from other institutions and academies to participate.
The IUW 2007 will focus on different aspect of social work in modern societies and include workshops, field-related excursions as well as social activities and offers a chance to visit Jena, Weimar and Thueringia, the workplace and activity area of Schiller, Goethe, Hegel, Nietzsche, and others of the “noble classic” as well as the cradle of „reform education“ in Germany (Peter Petersen, Jena- Plan-School; Hermann Lietz, Country-Education-Home-School; Friedrich Fröbel kindergarten).For further information see program details, abstracts and organizational notes.
Participating Universities:

The University of Jena, Faculty of Social Work, is member of the European Association of School of Social work (EASSW)

The International University Week Jena 2007 is sponsored by:


Sunday/Monday individual arrival (to be arranged with hosts)
Monday, April 23rd
14.00 h Welcoming reception: coffee and cake, introduction to the program, excursion registration [University Campus, Dept. Social Work, Medienstudio 3rd floor]
Prof. Dr. Thomas Trenczek; Dean Prof. Dr. Heike Ludwig
14.45 h First acquaintance & Boundless Communication
Introduction of the participating universities and their delegates

(Students and colleagues of the participating partners are asked to present their universities – posters, performance etc. are welcome).
16.00 h – 18.30 Alternative sightseeing rallye through Jena, Visit of the Jena Planetarium
20.30 h Welcome dinner & party
Terrific food, music, salsa and more:
We invite all participants, students and university teachers, to our welcome party to get to know each other, to have a great meal, to talk, to dance, to have fun, … [location Theater Cafe]
Tuesday, April 24th
09.15 h Plenary information (foyer first floor 05.01.- Social Work information booth)
09.30 h Workshop session Iparallel workshops (see separate abstracts) [University Campus, Dept. Social Work – 05.03.xx]

1. Experiential education and Outdoor-Training
Prof. Dr. Urich Lakemann, Jena(G); N.N.
2. Assertive Community Treatment – Extramural care and support of mentally disordered people
Mag. DSA Martin Zauner, St. Pölten (A).; Menno van Veen, Groningen (NL)
3. Children of families with problems – Planning process and Placement – Quality Management and Legal control
Jorn Knakkergaard, LLM./ Anders Larsen, LLM, Odense (DK); Prof. Dr.iur. Thomas Trenczek, Jena (G)
4. Treatment methodology of kids and youngsters with behavior problems
Drs. Maurits Wysmans, Leuven (B)/ Prof. Dr. Heike Ludwig, Jena (G)
5. Media-art-parcour – methodical elements in communication of children with nature
Prof. Dr. Erich Schäfer, Jena (G); Hanneke Sulman, Groningen(NL)
6. Social Work in the Transformation of the Welfare State
Prof. Dr. Michael Opielka, Jena (G); Margo Kikas, Tallin (Est)
7. Quality-Management with the ISO 9000 family in Social Organizations
Prof. Dr. Reiner Adler, Jena (G); Prof. Nancy Kenney, Ph.D., St. Louis (USA)
8. Social group work with delinquent youth
Dipl.Sozpäd. Ralf Schumann, Weimar (G); NN
9. Fields of Work in Youth Social Work (on the street, schools, vocational training, migration,…)
Dipl.Sozpäd. Andreas Amendt, Jena (G); NN
10. Violence Prevention with school kids
Dipl.Sozpäd. Conny Beeker; Jena (G); NN
11. Social Work and Research – the example Euregio Maas Rhein
Ilse Vanderstukken/Gwendolyn Verhulst, Hassel (B); María Luisa Gómez Jiménez, Malaga (ESP)
12. Macro perspectives and micro-action in social pedagogy
Veslemoy Wiese (Nor); NN

Each workshop has 4 sessions of 3 hours (Tue: 09.30-12.30/14.00-17.00h; Wed: 09.30- 12.30/14.00-17.00h.) Participants stay in the same workshop for the whole period of 12 hours. Some workshops include excursions esp. in session III.
Due to organisational reasons participants have to sign up for a workshop together with the congress registration. Places of the program workshops and excursions are limited. If a workshop attracts less than 5 persons it will be cancelled.

12.30 h lunch break
14.00 h Workshops (1-12) session II
17.00 h free time – social-cultural activities
Wednesday, April 25th
09.15 h Plenary information (foyer first floor 05.01.- Social Work information booth)
09.30 h Workshops (1-12) session III
12.30 h lunch break
14.00 h – 17.00 h Workshop (1-12) session IV
19.30 h Thuringia barbeque party
(Jugendclub Hugo, Hugo Schrade Strasse 41 – Garagenkomplex)
Thursday, April 26th
09.00 h(!) Group A and B – Meeting point: train station Jena WestExcursions, social and cultural activities
Group A Social and cultural activities in Weimar – optional: visit of former concentration camp Buchenwald; free time to visit the Classical Weimar (museums, House of Goethe, Nietzsche Archive, etc. )
Group B Social and cultural activities in Erfurt – optional: social work in schools; activities in a sound studio; free time for city tour,
Group C Social and cultural activities in Jena – optional: city tour, climbing,….
…h train back to Jena
19.30 h Fare well party – live music and dance
[location: Rose Keller]
Friday, April 27th
10.00 h – 12.30 h Presentation of workshop results – [University Campus, Medienstudio] Discussion and evaluation
….. Departure

The program is subject to change.

download the program as pdf-document: IUW2007-program_Jena.pdf


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