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Where will you go? To Weimar, Jena, the big city, which has a lot of good on both ends. (J.W. v. Goethe)

Professional methods in Social Work –
an European Perspective ?

7th International University Week
May 9th –13th 2005

University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Work, Jena (Germany)


The School of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences Jena, will be host of the 7th International University Week from May 09th – 13th, 2005 in Jena (Germany).

We friendly invite international students from all European countries as well as university teachers to participate within our international program. We especially call for participation of Universities within our Sokrates network, however, would like to encourage individuals, students as well as lectures from other institutions and academies to participate.

The IUW 2005 will focus on „Methods in Social Work“ and include workshops, field-related excursions as well as social activities and offers a chance to visit Jena, Weimar and Thueringia, the workplace and activity area of Schiller, Goethe, Hegel, Nietzsche, and others of the “noble classic” as well as the cradle of „reform education“ in Germany (Peter Petersen, Jena-Plan-School; Hermann Lietz, Country-Education-Home-School; Friedrich Fröbel Kindergarten).

Participating Universities:

The University of Jena, Faculty of Social Work, is member of the European Association of School of Social work (EASSW)

The International University Week Jena 2005 is sponsored by:


Sunday/Monday      individual arrival
Monday, May 9th
14.00 h Welcoming reception: coffee and cake, introduction to the program, workshop and excursion registration [University Campus, Dept. Social Work, Medienstudio 3rd floor]
Prof. Dr. Thomas Trenczek; Dean Prof. Dr. Heike Ludwig
15.30 h First acquaintance & Boundless Communication
Introduction of the participating universities
17.00 h – 18.30 Presentation of guest lecturers – Discussion

a.) Case management with unemployed in Estonian context
Karmen Lai, PhD cand. Tallin (Estonia) (R 05.01.29)
b.) Parent-management training with families of delinquent juveniles in Belgium
Drs. Maurits Wysmans, Leuven (B) (R 05.01.30)
c.) Barriers in social work with Romany children in the Czech Republic
Jitka Dvoráková, PhD cand. (CZ) (R 05.01.32)
d.) Street children in Zambia
Jana Capkova, PhD cand. (CZ) (R 05.01.33)
20.30 h Welcome dinner & party, jam session, dance and live music:
We invite all participants, students and university teachers, to our famous welcome party to get to know each other, to have a great meal, to make music (musicians are ask to participate in a jam session and if possible to bring their instruments), to dance, to have fun, …
Tuesday, May 10th
09.15 h Plenary information (foyer ground floor 05)
09.30 h Workshop session I   parallel workshops (see separate abstracts)

1. Experiential education and Outdoor-Training
Prof. Dr. Urich Lakemann, Drs. Tineke Boonsma (Groningen, NL); Melanie Sternberg
(Room 05.03.08)
2. Psycho-education – method of treatment and rehabilitation in psychiatry
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dresler, Melanie Brückner, Teresa Riethmüller, Christine Sziligeti
(Room 05.01.33)
3. Social group work with delinquent youth
Dipl.Sozpäd. Ralf Schumann, Cindy Klein
(Room 05.00.06)
4. Violence Prevention with school kids
Dipl. Sozpäd. Conny Beeker; Nicole Pensler, Patrik Pfuch, Marco Poßdack
(Room 05.03.09)
5. Coping with Stress in Social Work
Prof. Dr. Gerd Grampp, Elke Nier, Silke Pühringer
(Room 05.01.32)
6. Introduction to mediative conflict management
DSA Mag. Andrea Janowsky (St.Pölten, A); Prof. Dr. Thomas Trenczek
(Room 05.01.29)
7. Methods of Quality Management in Social Work
Prof. Dr. Reiner Adler, Katja Flicke, Sandra Sommerfeld
8. Music-agogical Work – Role of Music in Social Work
Uwe Köhler, Hannes Schwedat, Stephanie Weber
(Room 05.01.01)
9. Case Management in Clinical Health Care
Prof. Dr. Olaf Scupin, Susanne Graudenz und Christiane Ritschel
(Room 05.01.20)
10. Special approaches in child care: Reform Kindergardens in Jena, …
Andrea Birner, Prof. Dr. Georg Neubauer
(Room 05.00.11)
11. Street social work – low threshold approaches in Social Work
Dipl. Sozpäd. Andreas Amend, Jugendamt Jena, DSA Mag. Alexander Bernardis, St. Pölten (Austria); Heike Patzig
(Room 05.01.30)

Due to organisational reasons participants have to sign up for a workshop together with the congress registration. Places of the program workshops and excursions are limited. If a workshop attracts less than 5 persons it will be cancelled.

12.30 h lunch break
14.00 h Workshop session II
17.30 h Goethe, Schiller, etc. – the classical JenaAlternative sightseeing rally
19.00 h Barbecueparty, sports & fun in the Paradies (Jena’s favourite parkland)
Wednesday, May 11th
08.30 h Plenary information – meeting point for excursions (foyer ground floor 05)
09.00 h Workshop session III
12.30 h lunch break
14.00 h -17.30 h Workshop session IV
19.00 h social-cultural activities – (free time)
Thursday, May 12th
09.00 h Excursion to Weimar
Meeting point front entrance 09:00 scharp! Bhf. Jena West railway station
10.00 h – 13.00 h
A: Guided tour through the former concentration Camp Buchenwald
Daniel Gaede
B: Street Social Work – Working with juveniles on the streets
Dipl.Sozpäd Kathrin Schuchardt; Dipl.Sozpäd. Sylvia Mrosek; MobiTeam Weimar
C: AIDS prevention
Dipl.Sozpäd Katrin Jentzsch / Dipl.päd. Sabine John; Aids-Hilfe Weimar und Ostthüringen e.V.
Each participant has to sign up for one of the activities during the welcome reception (Monday, May 9 th) until 5.00 p.m. Places of the excursions are limited.
13.00 h free time to visit the Classical Weimar (e.g. Goethehaus, Nietzsche-Archiv, …)
….. h train back to Jena
20.30 h Fare well party
Friday, May 13th
10.00 h – 12.30 h Presentation of workshop results
Discussion and evaluation
….. Departure
For registration and further information please follow the organizational notes.

download the program as pdf-document: Intweek2005 Jena program.pdf

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