International University Week 2018

The next International University Week (IUW) in Jena 2018 will be held from April 16 – 20, 2018 at the School of Social Work, Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences in Jena. We would like to encourage individuals, students as well as lectures from European university Schools of Social Work & Social science and related institutions and academies to participate. With regard to the prospective topic/theme

Diversity, Innovation and Standards in European Social Work

we welcome any offer/topic of your colleague or co-productions of different colleagues. The IUW-program allows a wide variety of different topics, ranging from methods in social work, communication techniques/methods, fields of professional practice, issues of social policy and other interesting topics of social work and social sciences.

Plenary lecture and discussion:  „Diversity in Reality“ – The impact of the so called ‚refugee crises‘ on diversity, innovation and standards in social work in the Municipality of Jena (Dipl.Sozpäd. Andreas Amend, Integration Office, City of Jena)

Workshops: Each session (3h incl. coffee break),  6 – 7 parallel workshops :

  • Social Emotion in Social Work
  • Humor and the inner clown in Social Work
  • The Future Lab, innovation and knowledge-based social work
  • Psychodrama on Migration
  • Social Work with Refugees in Jena
  • The unaccompanied foreign minors – System of protection in France
  • Counselling and social diagnostics
  • Music was my first love – the power of music in Social Work
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Children of parents with mental health problems
  • Social Work with youth at risk – street work in Jena
  • Europe goes local: youthwork does youth policy
  • Promoting Youth Participation
  • Emotional competence training in early childhood
  • Challenges in the work of crisis intervention and child protection centers
  • Do social workers have to be politically active? A quest for traces
  • Decolonizing knowledge and global indigenous approaches to social work
  • Integration through Exchange ‐ Transnational Exchanges programs for disadvantaged and unemployed youth
  • Violence prevention within School Social Work
  • Psycho-social counselling of  people with drug problems
  • NN (there’s more to come)

Beside an interesting academic program the IUW Jena 2018 will include several social-cultural and group activities, field visits and excursions, a welcome reception and a welcome party on Monday evening and a farewell party on Thursday evening. Most important is the friend-to-friends exchange philosophy (see below; international students are hostet by fellow students of  Jena). Please, spread the world via mailing list, newsletters, internetsite, post etc.

We invite international lecturers and colleagues of our university partners to contribute to the program and to (co)host a workshop or give a presentation. The main topic of the IUW will allow a wide variety of different topics (ranging from methods in social work, communication techniques, fields of professional practice, issues of social policy and other interesting topics of social work and social sciences). We kindly ask the international coordinators (esp. of our Erasmus partners) to make sure that they (rsp. their lecturers/colleagues) send a note regarding the name of the lecturer/teacher and the topic of the workshop. We then would need a short abstract until Nov, 30th 2017). Lecturers can either offer an own workshop or in case of interest we will match visiting lectures from our international partners with our colleagues to conduct joint sessions/team teaching. The congress language is English.

If your are interested to participate, please send us a note ( so we will put you on a mailing list.

Programm stucture






Morning session
(9.15 / 9.30-12.30 am)

Arrival (if you want to arrive Sunday, please contact your host with regard to individual arrangements)






Breakfast and Evaluation


Afternoon Session(1.30 -4.45 pm) Grand Opening Plenary session
World Cafe
Workshops Excursion ongoing Workshops and field visits
free time free time free time

free time

Evening Activities

Welcome Party incl. Buffet

Small group activities of hosts and guests (e.g. supper, barbeque)

Small group activities (e.g. supper, barbeque)

Farewell Party incl. Buffet

Social cultural program: Besides the excursion on Wednesday and field trips on Thursday there will be at least the two broadly well-known welcome (Monday) and fare-well parties (Thursday) with terrific buffets, music and compe-dance. Tuesday and Wednesday host and their guest will join in small group activities. Last but not least, our students hosts are just great!

Accommodation: The International Week in organised within a friends-visiting-friends approach, that means participating students from abroad are hosted by fellow students of Jena (reasonable, clean and safe accommodation!). All student participants of the IUW will receive an email/contact address of their host in order to make individual arrangements (e.g. time of arrival, necessity of sleeping bag etc.). Due to organisational restraints we are going for a maximum of 30-50 student participants from abroad who may be hostet by fellow students of Jena. In addition to private hosts we will organize rooms in a youth hostels on extra costs.

The congress fee is 150€ per person (students as well as lecturers). Bed & breakfast for students, welcome and farewell dinner (Monday and Thursday) as well as excursions are included (accommodation in youth hostel on extra costs). For all lecturers (and other non students participants) we will arrange reasonable accommodation in a hotel on extra costs (single room with shower etc. ca. 75€ p.p./p.n. incl. breakfast and supper Mon-Thur.). Travel and staying costs may be covered by Erasmus-Staff mobility agreements. If your university does not have a bilateral agreement with the EAU Jena yet we are happy to facilitate a new contract.

Lunch is available at unusually low price (1,50 – 5,50€) at the university cafeteria and therefore not included (it would be more expensive if ordered in advance by us). Congress fee, travel and hotel/hostel expenses must be covered by the participants or the sending university.

Student registration starts at December, 1st 2017. We offer our Erasmus partner universities 5 student places until Dec, 15th 2017. After that date we will give free places to other applicants and partners who want to send more students. Registration deadline is January 30th, 2018.

Students registration should include preferred choice of workshops on Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday morning the IUW-group visits the Bucheswald memoral together; regsitration for the excursion on Wednesday afternoon takes place on Monday prior the opensing session in the conference office. 

We will confirm regular registrations until Febr. 15th, 2018. Following confirmation the participation fee (€ 150.-) has to be paid for the whole student group rsp. the lecturers within 10 days. All delegations of our partner universities will get the name and contact details of a tutor guide (“buddy”) with regard to open questions.

Please use the registration form: Jena Registration Form IUW 2018

Travel information: Jena is located in the German state Thueringia which is famous for its beautiful landscape and natural setting (esp. the Thuringian Forest) as well as its history. It is the (temporarily) home of Goethe, Schiller, Nietzsche, Hegel, Schopenhauer and others of the “noble classic”. With around 100,000 inhabitants Jena is the largest town in the central Saale valley about 25 km east of Weimar and 50km of the capital Erfurt. Jena lies on the East-West A4 highway running between Frankfurt and Dresden, and is close to the North-South A9 highway running between Berlin and Munich. The next airports are Erfurt and Leipzig/Halle (50 rsp. 90km from Jena). Cause of the Jena valley there are two main railway stations, in North-South direction travellers arrive downtown at “Bahnhof Paradies”, in West-East direction you arrive “uptown” at “Bahnhof Jena-West” (see map on our internet site Although the University Campus of the EA-UAS is in a walking distance from the stations it is recommended to use the bus (line 10 and 13; busstop Fachhochschule) or a taxi. If we know the date and time of arrival of the group of the participants at least one week in advance we will ask the host to pick up their guests at the train station.

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