International University Week 2020

The International University Week (IUW) is a one week international seminar (in English language) with a variety of workshops, excursions, social events, etc. which is organized by the Socrates-Network of European University Schools of Social Work and Social Sciences (SocNet98). It takes part every summer semester in at least three locations of the network (see the programs and reports of former IUWs).IUWJena2015-Gourp_IMG_5597

The next International University Week (IUW) 2020 takes place April 20.-24.04.2020 in Groningen, Odense, Leuven und Emden and cover various generel themes:

  • Emden:  Supporting Families, Children and Youth in their Environment
  • Groningen:  EUREKA! Creative approaches in Social Work
  • Leuven:  Strength-based Social Work
  • Odense: Social work in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Again, about 15-20 students of FB SW EAH Jena will be able to participate. Students who are interested have to register via studip and participate activly in Seminar: 1.125 (Internationale Aspekte der Sozialen Arbeit).

The initial meeting takes place Thursday, 14.11.2019 /18:45-20:15 Uhr.

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